Discover how smooth it is with employee benefits via Epassi.


Epassi makes it easy for you to be your best self – every day. 

Epassi - app for Wellness & Meals benefits: 

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 Epassikortet – app for Lunch benefit: 

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Explore your employee benefits and enjoy a smooth payment solution. 

Regardless of which benefit you have at Epassi, it is always easy to use. 
A yoga session, a padel game with friends, a massage for your stiff office shoulders or a lunch with your best colleague? Choose what suits you best and pay smoothly. 

Wellness, meals and lunch benefit – all in one place. 

Epassi unites you, your employer and your employee benefitswith all the benefits gathered in one place. Using your benefits is easy and will help you to boost your everyday well-being.  

Hassle-free wellness allowance. 

Epassi’s large selection of wellness activities makes it easy for you to find an activity that will help you experience your best self. The convenient and unique payment solution also means you won’t have to bother with checks, coupons or receipts when paying for your wellness activity. 

Epassikortet - a lunch card with extra everything. 

Epassi’s lunch benefit Lunchkortet encourages you to take time for and to enjoy your lunch. This benefit works as a lunch card that is regularly loaded with a pre-agreed amount You can use it at all places that sells food and accepts VISA, just like a regular payment card Your employer subsidizes a portion of the amount (which is taxed as a benefit) and the rest is drawn from your net pay. 

EpassiBIKE: Almost no administration for employers - maximum bike benefit for employees!

With EpassiBIKE, the employer can offer a bike benifit to their employees through a leasing agreement. An electric bike or a traditional model - whatever you choose, the advantageous arrangement means that you save 20-35% of the original price of the bike through our bike benefit. And the best of all – for the employer, the benefit is completely cost-neutral!

Season your day with the meal service. 

Season your day with Epassi Meal. No more coupons or lists – just pay with the app, take a seat and enjoy your meal. The cost will simply be deducted from your next payslip.