A smooth digital wellness benefit.

An easier path to wellbeing.

Through your employer, you can get access to Epassi's world of wellness - which means you never have to spend your own money or spend time on receipt registration! Instead, your purchases are deducted directly from your wellness balance. Scroll down for more information on how to make a purchase.


Download the app Epassi. 
Via the Epassi app, you can easily find wellness near you, pay with your allowance, view purchase history and keep track of your remaining balance. You can find the Epassi app via:


How to pay with Epassi

Search for affiliated wellness providers or desired activity via app or browser. Feel free to use the map to see which ones are near you - use the zoom function if necessary. If you cannot find a certain supplier in the search function, it may be because they are not yet affiliated with us. Let us know and we will reach out to them.

Once you click on a profile in the list, you can see what kind of payment they offer. Please note that payment functions differ between providers and not all offer all of the following procedures.

Choose from our large range of wellness.

Via Epassi, you have access to roughly 18,000 connected wellness merchants, which means 18,000 opportunities to experience your best self! Keep in mind that your allowance may only be used for services that are approved as wellness.

Pay with the Epassi app.

1. Pay with the app on site.

  1. Visit the desired merchant on site and log in to the app. Enter their name in the search function to get to their profile.
  2. Click on the service you want to buy, alternatively enter the amount for the service.
  3. Show your receipt to the merchant. Please note that the receipt is only valid for 15 minutes so be sure to be at the checkout when you confirm your purchase.

2. Pay with the app remotely.

If you see a blue box that says ”Online payment” in merchant’s profile, it means that you can also make the purchase remotely - regardless of where you are. Note! If this marking is missing, you need to make the purchase on site.

  1. Type in the merchant´s name in the search function to get to their profile.
  2. Scroll to the ”Online payment” section and click on the blue highlighted option that you want to buy.
  3. When you have confirmed your payment, you will receive more information on how to redeem your purchase. You can also find your receipt under ”your history”.

Pay with Epassi via browser.

1. Via ”Use benefit” search function.

  1. Click on ”Use benefit” at www.epassi.se and use the search function or the map to find the merchant or activity you want.
  2. Click on a profile, select a service you want to purchase and follow the payment instructions.
  3. When the purchase is confirmed, you will soon receive a receipt from the merchant via email with more information on how to redeem you purchase.

2. Via “Online payment” on your user account.

  1. Log in to your user account via browser, click on ”Online payment” and search for the desired merchant.
  2. Select the provider’s name in the list, click ”Next” and fill in the requested information. Then make the payment.
  3. Download the receipt via the link in the middle of the page or wait for the copy to be sent to your email. The receipt is proof of your payment, so make sure to save this until you have shown it to the merchant.

Pay with Epassi in combination with direct debit.

If you have a direct debit already, it is important that you ensure that your Epassi balance is charged first and that you are debited through direct debit only after your Epassi balance is used. This works in the same way as a regular purchase in Epassi with the difference that excess amounts are handled by direct debit. Notify your wellness merchant that you want to use your Epassi balance.

Note that the setup for direct debit may differ between different merchants, and that not all merchants can combine direct debit with Epassi. Ask your merchant about their routine.

Pay for wellness that exceeds your allowance.

Does your allowance not cover the full amount of your favorite activity? Or do you only have a small amount left?
With Epassi, you can easily use your benefit even for purchases that exceed your balance, and only pay for what is not covered by your allowance.
In the payment mode, you just enter your card details or chooses Swish.