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What is a bike benefit? 

A bike benefit allows you as an employer to provide your employees with new bikes for a much better price. The employee follows a leasing arrangement and pays the benefit monthly through a gross salary deduction. Compared to buying a new bike without a bike benefit, they can make big savings on the price of their new benefit bike – thanks to the preferential taxation.  

The benefit is 100% cost-neutral for you as an employer, and it’s a great way to strengthen your employer brand and at the same time care about the health of your employees. Surprise your employees with one of the most popular benefits right now - get EpassiBIKE today. 


Why discount bikes via EpassiBIKE?

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Encourages a healthy lifestyle. 

The bike benefit is a good way to encourage employees to be more active. Cycling regularly increases general well-being and the number of sick days decreases. 

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Do good for the environment. 

A simple and concrete path towards a more environmentally friendly company starts with the employees. If more people cycle to work, emissions from petrol-powered means of transport will be reduced. 

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Strengthens the company's employer brand. 

EpassiBIKE strengthens the employer brand and makes the company more attractive to new candidates as well as increasing the engagement of existing employees. 

Getting started with EpassiBIKE is easy.

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1. Fill in the form.

We will send you a contract to sign as soon as you fill in the form. Sign the contract with e-signature and fill in the customer details in the form. Once this is done, you can start using EpassiBIKE. 


2. Inform the staff.

When EpassiBIKE is implemented, it is time to inform the employees about their new bike benefit. We will of course provide you with all the communication material needed regarding how the benefit works. 

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3. Order benefit bikes!

After the employees have been informed about EpassiBIKE, they can start using the benefit immediately! It's easy for them to order their bike, and our support team is available if the employee needs any help. 

FAQ (In Swedish).

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