The Epassi card – for a smoother lunch benefit.

Lunch is the most important meal of the day. 

This lunch benefit is appreciated by all employees – every day! You choose how much of the lunch you want to subsidize and the card is charged monthly. Administration of the benefit is simple. The employer uploads a file with all employees who are to take part in the benefit and then we create a salary file that is compatible with all salary systems. The cost for employers who want to offer their employees a lunch benefit depends on the size of the subsidy and social security contributions.


Get started with Epassi's lunch benefit -
It is easy!

1. Upload the personnel file.

The personnel file contains all of your employees who will receive the lunch benefit. We use it to create a salary file which is compatible with all payroll systems. Decide on the amount and subsidy. 

Employees can always use their balance to the fullest – no waste. 

2. Pay the invoice.

In order for the cards to be loaded on the specified date, the invoice must be paid five days prior to the loading date. 

No matter where in the EU the card is used, the user will never be charged fees. *Transactions made in a currency other than SEK have a 2.95% surcharge.

3. The cards are loaded.

When the invoice is paid, the cards are automatically loaded on the chosen loading date, so your employees can continue to enjoy delicious lunches. 

The Epassi card works like a regular payment card and can be used anywhere that sells food and that accepts VISA, both in Sweden and abroad. 

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