Epassi – the easy way to
wellness allowance.

Make it easy for your employees to experience their best self with Epassi. 

The wellbeing of your employees will always have an impact on the success of your organization. Therefore it’s important that you prioritize and invest in the health of your employees. By offering them a wellness allowance through Epassi, it is possible to increase the wellbeing – without it costing you more time or effort. 

All wellness activities are collected in the Epassi app, so that employees easily can choose what they need to be their best self. They can, for example, use it to pay for gym memberships, yoga classes or why not a golf course?


Why choose Epassi as your wellness-partner?


Less admin – no hussle with handling receipts. 


Get access to statistics and usage data. 


Inspiration, campaigns and tips to increase usage and get healthier and more productive employees! 


Easy to use payment solution and a wide range of activities to choose from. 


Cost efficient – only pay for the benefits that have been used. 


Equal workplace - everyone gets the opportunity to invest in their health without spending money out of their own pocket. 

How to get started with Epassi.

It's easy to become a part of Epassi. Follow these steps to get started! 

  1. Book a meeting with one of our colleagues at Epassi.
    Fill out Epassi's interest form to get in touch with us. 
  2. We create a solution that suits you. 
    Together we’ll find a benefit solution that suits your wishes and needs. 

  3. Sign the agreement and kick-start your wellbeing! 
    After the agreement is signed, we set a start-up date for onboarding of employees. 

Are you an employer interested in offering Epassi to your employees? Fill out the form and we'll get back to you soon!

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