Boosting everyday wellbeing.

Epassi – for smoother employee benefits. 

Epassi makes it easy for everyone to experience their best self, by offering a digital solution for Wellness, Lunch, Meal and Bike benefits.   

Close to 1,000 employers in Sweden, with a total of over 900,000 employees, already use Epassi. Come join the Epassi world, you too!  


Why choose Epassi? 

To have satisfied and energetic employees, while saving money at the same time. 

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Customize your benefits package.

We are happy to help you assemble the best benefits package for your company. That means you can offer your employees the employee benefits they need, without having to lift a finger yourself. 

Low costs

Low costs.

Epassi only invoices you for used benefits. The unused benefits costs you nothing. There are also no registration- or monthly fees, and you save both time and money by letting Epassi handle the administrative tasks. 

User friendly

User friendly.

Epassi always puts the user first. No matter the employee benefit, they are always easy to access through our app. Epassi has something for everyone with a selection beyond the ordinary. 

Valuable data

Valuable data.

With Epassi’s practical tools, you can follow the use of employee benefits in real time. 

Climate-friendly choices

Climate-friendly choices.

No more checks, coupons or receipts. Epassi is a modern, digital and paperless solution. In addition, our servers run on renewable energy to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. 



Epassi was founded in Finland, but currently has employees in the Nordic region and Europe. We are happy to help you in Swedish, Finnish and English. 

Employee benefits that enhance your employeeshealth. 

Epassi will customize a selection of employee benefits to suit your company. Our offering is created to make it easy for you to offer attractive employee benefits with minimal administration time. We currently offer employee benefits in form of Wellness, Lunch Card, Bike Benefit and Meal. 

Make it easier for your employees to be their best selves. 

Since the wellbeing of your employees will always impact your organization or company, it is important to prioritize and invest in their health. Epassi Wellness makes it possible – without costing you more time on administration. The Epassi app has all of the wellness activities gathered in one place, so your employees can easily choose what they need to be their best selves. For example, it can be used to pay for a gym membership, a relaxing massage, or a round of golf – let your employees choose their favourite!  


Improve the workplace community with a lunch card. 

A lunch benefit for all employees to appreciate – every day! You get to choose how much of the lunch to subsidize and the card will be refilled monthly. Administration of the benefit is simple. The employer uploads a file with all of the employees who will use the benefit, after which we create a salary file that is compatible with all payroll systems. The cost for employers who want to offer employees a lunch benefit will depend on the size of the subsidy and social fees.  


EpassiBIKE: Minimal administration for employers - maximum bike benefit for employees!

With EpassiBIKE, the employer can offer preferential bicycles to their employees through a leasing agreement. Electric bicycle or a traditional model - whatever you choose, the advantageous arrangement means that you save 20-35% of the original price of the bicycle through our bicycle benefit. And the best of all – for the employer, the benefit is completely cost-neutral!


Give your employees more time for relaxation during their lunch break. 

With Epassi Meal, you simplify meal payment for your employees – and for yourself. Employees conveniently pay for the meal with the Epassi app, without having to buy coupons or sign up on lists. And as an employer, you minimize administration time. Every month, you receive a file specifying salary deductions and cost allocation. 

Epassi Meal can be used to pay for: 

  • Meals at work, such as breakfast, snacks or employee lunches.
  • Educational lunch.
  • External meals with affiliated restaurants. 


Some of our clients:

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The Great Employee Benefits Study 2023.

With Epassi as your benefit-partner, it’s easy and fun to engage your employees in wellbeing. And it does pay off to invest in health; healthy employees = productive employees. 

Want to know more? Don’t miss The Great Employee Benefits Study 2023. In the report we’ll deep dive into how benefit investments will look like in the future, how employees and employers prioritize different benefits, and much much more... Enjoy!

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