The Epassi Meal benefit –
less admin, more lunch break.

Make it easy for employees to enjoy their meal. 

Spice up the everyday life of your employees in a simple and reliable way. Give your employees access to the employee benefit Epassi Måltid.


Give your employees more time for recovery during the meal break. 

With the benefit Måltid, you simplify meal payments for your employees - and yourself. The employees easily pay for the meal using the Epassi app and therefore don’t have to buy coupons or sign up for lists. And the administrative time for you as an employer is minimized. Every month, you receive salary deductions and cost allocation collected in one file. 
The benefit can be used to pay for: 
Meals at work, for example breakfast, snacks or staff lunch. 
Educational lunch. 
External meals at connected restaurants. 

Pay only for the used benefits. 

Choose which meals are eligible for your meal units and pay only for what is used by your employees. No hard-to-decipher handwritten lists or coupons to hand out. 

Minimal and paperless administration. 

With Epassi, you don't have to spend time ordering and handing out coupons or handling lists. It is super easy to get started and the meal benefit is available as soon as Epassi activates the benefit for you. 

We make sure it's right. 

Epassi ensure that each employee has the correct meal balance and validity period based on their employment. Less administration for you, so that you get more time for other things. 

Follow up in real time. 

At any time, you can follow up and analyze how the meal benefit is used on your company's Epassi page. No more guessing – now you can see all meals that are registered by employees.