Easy employee benefits
for your wellbeing.

Add a silver lining to your life with Epassi.

Epassi offers Wellness benefit, Lunch card, Bike benefit and Meal service. Regardless of which ones your employer offers to you, they are easy to use. Thanks to digital and smooth solutions, you can invest in your wellbeing with minimal effort, maximum health boost!

The only thing you need to do is to choose which wellness activities, meals or which bike is right for you. You make the purchases digitally via Epassi, and we take care of the rest. 

Epassi wellness.

The wellness allowance is a health bonus that is paid by your employer, so that you can boost your wellbeing with everything from massages to gym, various sports or online training. And via Epassi, you never have to spend your money, nor time on receipt registration - just select an activity in the epassi app or on epassi.se and the purchases will be deducted directly from your allowance.



Epassikortet lunch card.

Epassikortet is a subsidized lunch benefit which means that, simply put, you get about every third lunch for free from your employer. Epassikortet works at all places that sell food and accept VISA, on site or digitally.



EpassiBIKE is a bike benefit that gives you the opportunity to easily lease a bike through a monthly and automatic deduction from your gross salary. Thanks to the favorable taxation, the total price is on average 20-35% cheaper than if you were to buy a bike without using your benefit.


Epassi Meal service.

Epassi Meal is a service for you who are employed in the public sector. You simply register your work meals or your educational lunches with students in the Epassi app, and a deduction is made for the meals on your next salary.