Beneficial meals with Epassikortet.

Enjoy subsidized lunches.

Epassikortet is a subsidized lunch benefit given by your employer, so that you can enjoy nutritious and good food with friends and colleagues. The payment card works at all places that sell food and accept VISA, on site or digitally.

Download the app Epassikortet.  
In the Epassikortet app, you can easily keep track of your balance, upcoming top ups and find your PIN code. Download the app Epassikortet via:

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The advantages of Epassi’s lunch card. 


Flexible use.

You can pay with the lunch card at any place that sells food and accepts VISA, both in physical stores and online and both at restaurants and at grocery stores. 


Balance without any expiration date.

The balance has no expiration date and can be used to the fullest. In other words, no lunch money goes to waste. 


No hidden fees.

There are no fees for users when the card is used in EU (a transaction fee may be charged when the card is used outside of the EU). 

This is how the lunch benefit works.

With a lunch benefit via Epassi, it means that you receive a sum for your Epassikort, which consists partly of your net salary, and partly of a subsidized amount that your employer pays for. You are then benefit taxed on the subsidized amount.

To make it simple - you get about every third lunch free from your employer.

An example.

Your Epassikort is topped up with a total of 2 100 SEK per month.

• 1 400 SEK in subsidy from the employer. 
• 700 SEK is deducted from your net salary.

700 SEK is deducted from your net salary, which is charged to your Epassikort. The employer contributes with 1 400 SEK, which is also charged to your Epassikort. You then have a total of 2 100 SEK per month to lunch with.

You are benefit taxed on the subsidized amount. With a tax rate of 30%, in this example, it will be 420 SEK. That is, 700 + 420 = 1120 SEK is deducted from the salary.