The smart way to the bike of your dreams.

Affordable biking with EpassiBIKE.

A benefit bike is a great perk that employers can offer you as an employee. It allows you to easily lease a bicycle through a monthly and automatic deduction from your gross salary, over a three-year period. After that, you are offered to buy the bike out for the low residual value. Thanks to the beneficial tax, the total price is on average 20-35% cheaper than if you were to buy a bike without using your benefit. See our price calculator and work out prices for your new bike.

So, how about a smooth transport to work, an e-bike for longer routes or a cargo bike for a nice trip? Choose according to your needs.

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Download the Epassi app.
If your employer offers you a benefit bike via Epassi, you will receive a personal EpassiBIKE code in the Epassi app:


The benefits of EpassiBIKE.


Quick and easy.

Once you place an order, you only have to wait a few working days to enjoy your dream bike.


Minimal cost.

Thanks to the beneficial tax, the price is on average 20-35% cheaper than if you were to buy a bike without the bike benefit. See for yourself via our price calculator.


Order online or in store.

Order your dream bike from one of the physical partner stores or via the online form - whatever suits you best.

Get started with your bike benefit.

1. Ensure that your employer offers EpassiBIKE.

Does your workplace offer the EpassiBIKE bike benefit? Great! Just follow the next steps to get the bike of your dreams.

If your employer doesn't have an agreement with EpassiBIKE yet, you are of course welcome to tell them about us!

2. Order a bike.

Download the Epassi app or log into your account via to access your personal EpassiBIKE code. Once you have an EpassiBIKE code, you can easily use our online form to order your dream bike from one of our partner shops.

Would you rather have a look and feel of the bike before ordering? Then you can visit one of our partner shops and order from there instead. Just give your EpassiBIKE code to the seller on site. Please note that you cannot bring your bike directly back home. The store y must first place an order with us and receive a confirmation before they can deliver the bike to you. This usually takes a few working days.


3. Confirm delivery.

Once you have received your bike, it is important to make sure that everything is correct and confirm the delivery. Then just hop on and start biking!


After the end of the leasing period.

At the end of your lease period, you have the option to redeem your bike, by paying the residual value.
If you do not wish to take this offer, you simply return the bike to us in good condition.
Or maybe it's time to take your biking to the next level? Return your leased bike and switch to a brand new model!