Terms of Use for the Epassi Service. 

Valid from 6 October 2021

Epassi Sweden AB (Corp. ID no.: 556617-0030), hereinafter also referred to as “Epassi 
Ynglingagatan 16, 113 47 Stockholm  

Contact details for customer service, hereinafter referred to as “Customer Service”:  

Email: support@epassi.se  
Telephone: +46 (0)8 555 172 20 

Opening hours for Customer Service: Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (closed for lunch between 11:45 am – 1:00 pm). Closed on weekends.  
Customer Service responds to enquiries in Swedish and English via the above channels. You are always entitled to receive a written copy of all information included in this contract by ordering such written information from our Customer Service in Swedish or English. 


The term Service Provider refers to a company or organisation that provides its services via the Epassi service based on an agreement into which the company or organisation has entered with Epassi.  
The term Epassi payment refers to a payment made with the Epassi service.  

The term Epassi service refers to a mobile and platform service for the provision and payment of employee benefits which Epassi Payments Oy provides to end users (targeted payment solution).  

The term Service refers to a benefit-related service or discount provided via the Epassi service by a Service Provider subject to an agreement with Epassi Payments Oy.   


1. The Epassi Service

The Epassi service is a digital service that enables you to use employee benefits offered by your employer via a Service Provider. The Epassi service, its content and Services may contain advertising from Epassi, a Service Provider or a third party.  

The Epassi service can be used with a mobile application or as a web service at the address https://services.epassi.se/. The various ways to use Epassi may differ from the service’s available user options. 

I.1.Use of the Epassi Service 

When these Terms of Use are approved by means of downloading the Epassi app or logging into Epassi’s web service, a contract is entered into for use of the Epassi service.It is prohibited to use the Epassi service for professional or commercial activities.  

I.2. The Epassi Service’s Availability and Technical Requirements  
To use the Epassi service, the end user needs to have a mobile telephone or computer and a functioning internet connection with which data are transferred to the terminal equipment. You are responsible for the functionality, information security and compatibility of your equipment and for arranging an internet connection. We publish updates and notify you of them via your mobile telephone and computer. If you fail to make the updates, you may be prevented from using Epassi or the Services.  
Epassi does not guarantee that the Epassi service or other related services will be continuously available. Epassi or individual Service Providers may suspend the provision or use of a Service without informing the user in advance or in accordance with the separate terms of each individual Service. Epassi reserves the right to suspend the provision of a Service during maintenance downtime and other such interruptions.  

I.3 The customer’s responsibilities and duty of proper use 
You are responsible for ensuring that the customer information you have provided is correct and always up to date. Your access code with which you log in to the Epassi service is personal. You must not disclose the access code to another person. Lock your mobile device with your PIN code or with a keyboard lock, and store your mobile telephone in such a way that other persons do not have the opportunity to use the Epassi service via your telephone.  
If you discover that you have lost your mobile device on which the Epassi app is installed, or if it has come into the possession of another person, you must immediately prevent payments by reporting the loss of your device to Epassi’s Customer Service. Simply suspending the telephone subscription provided by the operator is not sufficient to prevent the use of the Epassi service and payment transactions.  
In the event of misuse and/or loss of your mobile device, you are responsible and liable for the use of Services and for payments made in the Service until you have reported the loss of your device to Epassi.  

Epassi is never responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused to a third party due to the fact that you have acted incorrectly.  

I.4. Service Charges and Fees 
It does not cost anything to use the Epassi service, but the service does involve and require data transfer via the internet.  
Your operator may charge data transfer fees associated with mobile data. You are responsible and liable for the data transfer costs entailed by the use of the Epassi service and the Services and for any other fees charged for telecommunications services.  

I.5 Epassi’s Right to Suspend the Epassi Service 
Epassi has the right to suspend the Epassi service and to prevent its use, in whole or in part, if:  

  • you have provided incorrect information in connection with registration or later;  
  • the security of the use of the Epassi service has been compromised;  
  • there is reason to suspect that the Epassi service is being used illegally or dishonestly;  
  • there is reason to suspect that your mobile device runs the risk of compromising the information security of the Epassi service;  
  • you have used the Epassi service in a manner that threatens to harm the reputation of Epassi or a Service Provider (e.g. as a publishing platform for a type of communication which Epassi or a Service Provider does not consider to be appropriate or in accordance with good practice); or  
  • Epassi needs to make changes to the Epassi service or its terms in such a way that the continued use of the service in accordance with the new terms or with the new features requires your approval and you have not provided such approval.  

If use of the Epassi service is suspended and/or restricted, Epassi will notify you to this effect by way of email sent to the address you have provided, or via information published in the mobile app.   

I.6 Liability for Damages 
The Epassi service is provided as is, and we do not guarantee that it will be error-free or available without interruption. If we cause loss or damage by acting in breach of the contract, we are only liable for direct damages, unless we have caused the loss or damage intentionally or by way of gross negligence, or unless otherwise prescribed by mandatory legislation.  
Epassi is not responsible or liable for the content, functionality, information security or terms of services or other targeted offers provided by Service Providers affiliated with the Epassi service, or services provided by other third-party credit and/or payment institutions.  
Epassi is not liable for any loss or damage caused by force majeure or any other circumstance which unreasonably complicates Epassi’s operations and is comparable to force majeure. If Epassi, a subcontractor engaged by Epassi or a Service Provider is affected by a circumstance constituting force majeure, Epassi has the right to suspend the provision of the Epassi service in the area affected by such circumstance during the time such circumstance exists.  

I.7 Amendment of the Contract, the Terms of the Contract and the Characteristics of the Service 
Epassi has the right to change these Terms of Use, the content of the Epassi service and the requirements applicable to the equipment intended for use of the Epassi service, by providing notification of such change via a message to your mobile device or your email address, or via information published in the app. Changes which do not entail an increase in your obligations or an impairment of your rights are made with immediate effect. If a change entails an increase in your obligations or an impairment of your rights, the change does not come into effect until at least one month after notification of the change, or upon your approval of the change.  
The contract continues to be valid with amended content unless you terminate your Epassi service before the change comes into effect. You have the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, in the manner described in Section I.12, until the date notified as the date on which the change comes into effect.  
If necessary, instead of applying the procedure described above, we may request your new approval of the updated terms before you are given the opportunity to continue using the Epassi service.  

I.8 Processing of Personal Data 
Epassi processes your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation and in the manner described in more detail in Epassi’s privacy policy. We recommend that you read the privacy policy.  
Epassi’s privacy policy is available at the following address: https://www.epassi.se/sv/sekretesspolicy 
Epassi may register data relating to your use of e-services and transactions and may record telephone calls. Such registrations and recordings may be used for the purposes described in Epassi’s privacy policy.  

I.9 Intellectual Property Rights 
Unless otherwise notified, all rights associated with the Epassi service and its content, including right of ownership, copyright, patents, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights, belong to Epassi and/or the Service Provider and/or another third party as notified.  
You are only entitled to use the Epassi service in the ways described in these Terms of Use, in the instructions published in the Epassi app and on Epassi’s website at the address https://www.epassi.se/anstalld/friskvard, and in the service descriptions. When you use the Epassi service or the Services, you must not act in a manner that entails an infringement of Epassi’s or a Service Provider’s intellectual property rights. The Epassi service or its content may not be modified, edited or copied in any way, and may not be shared, distributed, transmitted or publicly exhibited or otherwise published as such or in modified form, unless Epassi provides separate notification to the contrary.  

I.10 Transfer of the Contract 
Epassi has the right to transfer this contract, along with the rights and obligations based on the contract, in whole or in part to another party chosen by Epassi. You do not have the right to transfer this contract to a third party.  

I.11 Right of Withdrawal from the Contract Regarding the Epassi Service 
You have the right to change your mind regarding the commencement of the Epassi service and the signing of the contract within 14 days of the date on which the contract is signed, by notifying Epassi’s Customer Service of your withdrawal from the contract.   

I.12 Validity of the Contract and Termination 
The contract is valid until further notice. You may terminate the contract with immediate effect by sending notice of termination to Epassi via email to the following address: support@epassi.se. Please note that simply removing the Epassi app from your mobile device does not entail cessation of the contract or use of the service. It is important that you remember to delete the individual user code for Epassi, especially if your mobile telephone number is transferred to another person, or if you cancel your telephone subscription and it becomes possible for another party to start using your telephone number.  
Epassi has the right to terminate this contract effective two (2) months after notice of such termination. Furthermore, Epassi has the right to terminate this contract with immediate effect if you commit a material breach of these terms of contract, or if you use the Epassi service for activities that are contrary to law or good practice. In the event of termination of the contract by Epassi, this will be notified via your mobile device or email address, or via publication in the app.  

I.13 Applicable Law, Out-of-court Remedy and Forum 
This contract is governed by Finnish law, excluding its choice-of-law provisions, regardless of the country from which the Epassi service is used.  
In the event of malfunctions, interruptions or other errors or inaccuracies, please contact our Customer Service.  
You can refer a dispute concerning a targeted payment service and the Epassi service to the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN): www.arn.se. If you are domiciled in a country other than Finland, you can also bring an action before the District Court of Helsinki.