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Reach more than 70,000 hungry users. 

Our approximately 70,000 lunch card users are spread all over the country and have their lunch subsidized by their employer. They want to eat delicious lunches – every day. Take the chance to reach out to an affluent target group with targeted offers. 

Here’s what we can offer you. 

An affluent target group.

An affluent target group.

The opportunity to present targeted offers to our users through the app, email, push notifications and online portal. 

Transaction data.

Transaction data.

Transaction data from our users’ actual purchasing behaviour makes it easier for you to understand your guests. 

Valuable insights.

Valuable insights.

Get insights on your guests purchasing behaviour to create attractive marketing campaigns in order to reach new guests. 

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Increased profitability and more guests. 

Since 2009, we have been collecting, analyzing and getting to know our users’ purchasing behaviour via their transaction data. We can clearly see how important lunch is for our users, and how their lunch habits are impacted by global changes. 

Joining our network gives you unique opportunities to reach an affluent target group that is interested in eating great meals. We will help you create campaigns to increase your sales and profitability, regardless of whether you want to increase traffic during or outside of lunchtime. We also make sure to increase awareness of your business among potential guests. 

When you join our network, we provide you with unique insights into your lunch guests’ behaviours and the opportunity to reach over 60,000 users and potential guests. Every month, you receive an updated transaction report so that you can easily see and compare trends and the development of your restaurant. 

We have no start-up, monthly or annual fees. You only pay a transaction fee when a purchase is made with a lunch card. In other words, no transactions – no fees. 

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