Material bank for EpassiBIKE.

Do you need Epassi's logo or posters to put up?
Here you will find all the material. 

Primary EpassiBIKE-logos

Logo in color (default)
Download PNG
Black logo
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 White logotyp

Secondary EpassiBIKE-logos

Only use our secondary logos if the primary logos above are not suitable for the current purpose.
Logo in color (default)

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White logo

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 Pure white logo

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Tell your customers that you accept payment via Epassi!

Upload the image on your website or in your social media channels. You can also print the badge and put it up in your facility.


Posters to print and put up.

Guide - manage in-store purchases (in Swedish)

Tip - tag Epassi (@epassisweden) in your posts on Facebook and Instagram to reach more users! We share a selection of the posts and stories that clearly mention that you can pay for a bike with Epassi at your place, as well as if the post has a suitable image.