Become an EpassiBIKE partner.

Increase your sales - become a partner.

EpassiBIKE is an independent operator that is constantly expanding its network of partners across the country. Thanks to reliable partners, the customer can be guaranteed the best possible quality and service.

Curious about who is already connected to EpassiBIKE? 


This is what we offer you.


Increased sales.

Reach out to Epassi's large network of beneficiaries - a new and strong customer base that you cannot reach today.


More visibility.

As a partner, you get extra marketing in Epassi's channels and the opportunity to participate in campaigns.


No extra work.

Epassi takes care of the administration, so you can continue doing what you do best today – helping the customer find their dream bike.

Get more potential customers via Epassi.

Order form.

Together with the customer you choose the bike and any accessories. The bike can be of traditional model or electric model (max 25km/h and 25W).

Once the choice of bike is made, send the product information and total price to Epassi using this form.

Once Epassi receive the form, we first review the employee's information and then send you a confirmation along with billing instructions. Everything is done within a few working days.

As soon as you receive a confirmation from us, you can hand over the bike to the customer and send us an invoice. We will pay the invoice once the customer has acknowledged receipt of the bike.


Partnership for used bikes.

When a customer has finished their leasing period, or if they choose to end it, the bike belongs to Epassi. Therefore, together with you, we now want to get the bike out on the market again - you as a partner get the opportunity to buy returned bikes at a reduced price and can then resell them with a good margin. All returned bikes have strict requirements to be in good cosmetic condition and be fully functional with minor wear. All this to ensure a safe and efficient resale for you as a cycling partner!